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Canned dog food can be a real delicacy with which we reward our pets, but can also be a necessity in the case of those animals that have to carry a specific diet to control kidney problems, liver, stomach or any other body internal. And of course, the wet dog food is an ideal resource for phases in which the animal suffers oral and dental problems.

Cans for dogs

In our online store you can check animals lot of canned food for dogs that we can offer. A wet dog food as I think the offer is of the first brands in the sector, such as Royal Canin or Eukanuba .

These marks, or feed Hills or Pro Plan , have their section cans of dog food, unlike dry food or feed, but inspired by the same principles of quality. Perhaps even more, because in many cases, these foods are indicated in veterinary care, being part of the treatment and specific diets, in fact there are brands like Natura Diet we indicated from their own denomination.

But it is not just a food for sick dogs. No. Not at all, dogs are food for them, well and provide them all the necessary nutrients in the right measure, can become true delicacies, because in the development of these cans of dog food quality ingredients are used with meat and cereals. Being able to find combinations as varied as the Royal Canin lamb and rice, pate ox Pedigree or canned chicken with carrots Retorn, and there are cans of wet dog food that includes among its ingredients fish, well salmon or tuna.

Wet feed for dogs

As happens with dry feed , in the case of wet, there is a factor that is beyond our control, and the sense of taste and smell of each pet itself. Ie you can buy forward the paté for more expensive dogs we see in the market, and yet to serve it in your feeder may not make you special pleasure to eat him.

And conversely, if we try with any other of the cans dogs available in our online pet store, animal sniffs eagerly nothing open and devours in seconds after pouring it into the feeder for dogs. That can not know until we check.

Therefore we recommend try various types of wet food until we find out which is best eaten and which is best tolerated, since certain changes may involve them food digestive problems. After these tests, we will be sure to give them a good prize from time to time. Something very useful for example, in the learning phase of the animal, when each thing you learn during training should reinforce the with an edible reward, and of course his favorite pate for dogs is an excellent prize.

And even if the veterinarian recommends us a specific diet, based on a type of meat with a certain cereal or vegetable, you will see in our catalog of wet dog food, we can find the same combination in different brands, and perhaps your animals prefer one more than another. That only you will know testing.


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